Monday, April 30, 2012

Bud Murray Knife - Pre-Review

This is a "sexy" little detail knife.  The design of the blade (scimitar) may be a little threatening to one who has never use this design.  Maybe threatening is too strong of a word.  Maybe intimidating is a better word to describe my first use of this knife.  One thought I must keep going back to is that the knife is a detail knife.  Now the question is; at what point in a carving should the detail knife come into play?  One should probably use a heavier blade for the roughing in, then switch to the detail knife for the details.  But since I carve small, I'll try this detail knife for the whole carving.  However, before trying the knife out in an actual carving, I think I'll just start out making a bunch of cuts.  I think it's critical to know exactly where the blade tip is when making any cut.  And to my way of thinking, this will only be achieved as the result of making a lot of various practice cuts.
As I evaluate this new knife, I may be using some or all of the following criteria:
Edge Holding Ability
Blade Thickness
Feel of the Handle
Blade Polish
Smoothnes of Cut
Arc Cutting
Ease of getting used to

If any one can think of any other criteria, please let me know in a comment.

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