Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Knife

From time to time I purchase a new carving knife.  Various reasons lead me to make these purchases.  Perhaps the best reason that I purchase a new knife is on the recommendation of a carver, that I have tremendous respect for.  Don Mertz is such a person.  Don's blog,   introduced me to this interesting knife.

Bud Murray makes this knife according to a design that was developed by Don Mertz.  The Bud Murray knife that I purchased has a four inch long pistol grip handle and a inch and half long blade.  This knife has a scimitar blade shape with a notch in the extended tang.

I will be putting this knife through its paces, and reporting my thoughts.  My first two thoughts are extremely positive.  These being the look and price of this knife.  It just looks great, and the price of $25 plus $4 shipping and handling cannot be beat.

1 comment:

Bruutmans said...

Nice knife Tom!
How does it handle? From the looks of it, it fits greatly in the hand, doesn`t it?
Enjoy it!