Friday, April 13, 2012

Making a Pattern - Continued

A continuing posting, following the work on the Dolphin relief carving.  Since I have several, well many, carving efforts going on at once, I'll continue to post specific steps on the way to completing the Dolphin relief carving.

Upon further study of this carving, I notice that it is not a "pure" relief carving.  It's kind of a hybrid that has characteristics of both in the round and relief.  I did discover, that you can cut the piece out on a 16 inch scroll saw.  You do not need to use a band saw.  The piece measues 9 x 38 inches.  Next I'll drill the holes and make the "internal" cuts.

For the beginner carver, this shows that you can do a lot of carving wood prep with a scroll saw.  In fact, my bandsaw broke three years ago, and I've not had to use one since.

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