Saturday, May 12, 2012

Demo Carving!

"Demo" is short for demonstration.  And demo carving is demonstrating carving to someone.  I think every whittler/carver needs to have a special piece that they can Whittle/carve as a demonstration for someone.  Why do I think this?  Folks, young and old are intrigued by carving.  It's a good way to share your talent, andperhaps lead some one into carving; younger folks especially.
To feel comfortable in demonstrating, you need to pick a piece to whittle/carve that you like to carve, one that is smaller, quick to carve/whittle, is impressive when done.  Once you settle on the piece, you'll need to practice whittling/carving it until it nearly becomes second nature for you to do.  For me these demo pieces are the 5 minute owl, and the standing Gnome.  The standing Gnome is the only one that I cut a blank out for.
Whenever I'm out, I carry a knife and a few pieces of Basswood in my pocket.  While at a carving show, arts festival, or just sitting on a bench, you'll find me whittling.  You never know when there's an opportunity to lead someone to trying their hand at carving.

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