Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Protect Your Carving Knife

I don't know how many times I read on the WCI forum, of folks cutting themselves while reaching into a bag or box to retrieve their knife.  And I cringe when I think of folks who just throw their knife into a box along with other tools, and expect the blade not to get damaged.

Here's a good solution.  One of the fellows who I carve with brought a bunch of leather samples in and I snatched some up right away.  I waited around until I got a 40% off coupon from JOANNS and bought the leather punch and a spool of lanyard  material.  The wine cork (imitation) was acquired in a more traditional way.   Let's see, one wine bottle cork for each of my carving knives.  Just one more reward for safety.  The hardest thing about making these knife protectors was remembering scout camp from the early 50's, where I learned how to work with the lanyard material.

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