Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Popsicle Stick Switchblade!

Here's a great little give-away, that satisfies several challenges.  First, you may need to have a way of disposing of small practice whittlings; but not in the fireplace.  And second, times arise when you may want to give some kids something fun.  This may be the answer.  A popsicle stick switchblade.
You may have to demonstrate and explain what a switchblade is, but I guarantee the youngest will catch on.

All you need is a whittled piece (in this example, a wizard), a clothes pin, two popsicle sticks, a rubber band, and some glue.

Make sure the whittled piece has a flat back.
1. Glue the whittled piece to one side of the clothes pin.  
2. Cut a notch on both sides of the ends of two popsicle sticks.  This will hold the rubber band.
3. Glue one popsicle stick to the opposite side of the clothes pin where the whittled piece is glued, with the notched end out.
4. Tightly wrap a small rubber band around the end of the popsicle stick that is glued to the clothes pin.
5. Lay the other popsicle stick on top of the glued up popsicle stick, and push it through the wrapped rubber band so that the wrapped rubber band goes around both popsicle sticks at the notches.
This popsicle stick switchblade is ready to "arm".
To "arm" the switchblade fold the unglued stick back towards the clothes pin.  Pinch open the clothes pin and close it on the popsicle stick.

Need I tell how to "operate" the popsicle stick switchblade?
Just tell em to be careful with it.

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