Monday, June 11, 2012

Carving Front and Side view Blocks - Continued

Been gone for a week at Evert Michigan Carving Roundup.  Great time renewing friendships and just plain whittling.  Getting back to this Santa, carved from the front view pattern has been difficult.  It's a quick whittle, but it still should be better done.  Hopefully, you'll see the differences between starting out with a front view and starting out with the side view.

Continue to round off the arms, and whittle some separation between the beard and the chest/arms.
Add some texture to the beard, and begin to taper the bottom of the piece.
This whittle was quick and dirty.  For that I apologise.  It's not done, but for the purposes that it was included here, it is.  It has been so long since I started it, that my attention deficit stuff kicked in....He needs a list in his hands.

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