Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Small Blanks for Small Kids

While at the Evert Woodcarvers Roundup in Michigan, I also picked up some real small blanks.  I wish these had been sawed on the end of a 4 inch stick, to be used as a handle.  However, I plan to use these as patterns, and will include a handle.
Younger and smaller kids really like these small things.  With a 4 inch handle to hold on too, they will use their cordless Dremel's with a 1/4 inch sanding drum/sleeve to carve them.  I also have some smaller rotary carving burs that they can use if they show me that they can handle the 1/4 inch drum with a sanding sleeve.

My pocket knife is there to show the size of the blanks.  I'll carve some with the knife, but not the kids.

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