Tuesday, June 26, 2012

UPDATE - "New Blank For My young Carvers"

On June 12, I posted some photos of a new SNOWMAN blank that is for younger carvers.  Earlier I shared some successes that I was having with the power rotary tools, instead of knives with the younger kids.  We are using the cordless, since it is lighter in weight, and easier for the smaller hands to handle.

Here's the blank and a finished snowman carved with a knife.  This was the "GO-BY" that was used.
Here's the progress after one half hour.  It's still kind of fat, but the student is excited.  As an aside, I turned the piece over and saw that she had carved a butt crack.  Now she said she needs to carve pants on the snowman, after she slims him down a bit. 

It's fun to see kids excited over a successful experience.

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