Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tips That Made Me A Better Woodcarver

This tip is from the GOW booklet of the same title.....

Tip: Simple. Yet Decent Caricature Eyes
Submitted by Laura Reich,  from a Bishops carving class.

"......I have a hard time remembering just how to do those darn eyes.  Of course, it is always best to first use a gouge to lower out the eye area.  Harley Refsal just uses a triangle (one short side by the nose and two longer sides)  and cuts out the small corner triangle.   But I personally find this a bit too simple looking. 

Mike Shipley takes it just a step further:

 First cut your bottom almost horizontal line on both sides of the nose.  (A)

 To this add vertical lines by the nose.  So on the left you have a backwards "L" and on the right a regular "L".  (B)

 Now just close up the "L" with an arch.  (C)

Then cut out the corners, and trim the top of the eyeball. (D)

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Very useful, thanks for sharing!