Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last Minute Santa's

For those unplanned for "drop-ins" at Christmas time we need to have some quick items for gifts.  A quick whittled and finished Santa ornament fills the bill.


I started out by sketching the Santa head on the corner of a 4 inch piece of Basswood.
My first cuts were stop cuts that define the bottom of Santa's hat, along with the folded over tassel.  Next slice cuts up to the stop cuts, and a longer/deeper slice cut in the bridge of the nose.

Next, a stop cut at the bottom of the nose, followed by a slice cut up to that stop cut, with the chip below the nose removed.
Make stop cuts on each side of the nose, and over the eye area.  Be sure to angle the knife blade so you do not undercut the nose.  With the point of the knife, remove the chips that formed on each side of the nose (between the nose side and the eyebrow).
Make stop cuts that define the top of Santa's mustache/bottom of his cheeks.  Use slicing cuts up to these stop cuts to create the mustache area.
Make stop cuts at the bottom of the mustache.  Use slicing cuts up to these stop cuts to define the mustache.
Shape the nose by removing the point and rounding the tip.  Round the cheeks a bit.  Use the knife tip to cut arches at the top of each eye.  Use a thicker bladed knife tip to make long flattened out V's for happy eyes.
Shape Santa's hat and beard.  When I'm in a hurry, as I am now, I don't texture the beard.

I don't sand them either.  I dip them into wood conditioner, dry that off, then stain them, followed by wax and buffing.  Add a screw eye and a twist of ribbon and quick little gifts.
These five Santa ornaments took no time at all.  And I am sure they will be found on someones Christmas tree for many years to come.

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