Friday, December 21, 2012

Whittlers Friend!

No Joke! 
Why do I whittle?  Besides the obvious, I whittle because it involves only the knife.  This means that as long as I have my pocket knife and a piece of wood with me, I can whittle.  No problems when I'm sitting outside under a tree on a bench.  But I like to whittle where ever I am.  This means Doctors waiting rooms,  my own living room, restaurants, and car repair shops. 

The secret to whittling any and every where is leaving no mess.  I try to pull a waste basket between my knees when I'm sitting in a waiting room .  It does take some skill to place every sliver and chip into the waste basket right from the knife.

Here's a "rule of thumb".  The smaller the sliver or chip of wood that you remove, the more likely it will drop directly into the waste basket.  Or on a napkin in a restaurant.  It's only when you cut off larger slivers and chip that they go flying every where.

Try it you'll see what I mean.

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