Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mini Bottle Stoppers

Several years ago Thomas (Thomp) Perrin and I started this blog.  "Thomp" has since passed away.  "Thomp" was every carvers friend, especially a newer carver.  His wood carving ideas knew no limits, and he shared them all.

Cleaning out a box of old carving stuff I ran across this note along with a hand full of tiny corks.  Ol' "Thomp" knew I like to carve small.
The other day I dug through some other ol' stuff and found a couple of empty mini liquor bottles, and them bought some new mini bottles.  What fun!  Ol' Thomp was right again.


hwallen48 said...

Nice job Tom and a great idea, VB OK Thomp's still teaching!

Tom H said...

Thomp's still at it alright. RIP Thomas, and thanks for the great tip.

sammy c said...

think of him every time i pick up the"cajin"knife,saddly missed

Tom H said...

Sammy, I miss him too. We started talking together on the telephone, and It'd go on forever. I finally told him, that we had to cut these calls short, as I wasn't getting enough carving done. He said, "Hell Tom I thought you had one of these hands free things with the telephone like I do, so you can carve and talk. Go out and get one, as I want to keep talkin".