Friday, February 15, 2013

"Ol' Dogs and New Tricks"

There's that Ol' sayin; "you can't teach Ol' dogs new tricks".  Bull pucky! 

I teach a quilting class at the local senior center and I carve with a group of wood carvers at the senior center.  I have taught classes of beginner carvers of all ages.  Most of the learners could be classified as OLD; at least what I used to think old was.  I'm talkin between 60 and 80 years old. 

There is not a week that goes by, that I am not completely "blown away" with the "New tricks" that these folks have learned.  Folks that up until 12 months ago had never sewed two pieces of fabric together, now are making fabulous quilts.  Folks that had never carved more than a point on a stick, that are creating really good wood carvings.

I will be showing some of the wood carvings on this blog in the coming week.
I invite you to send in comments and photos that disprove that Ol' sayin, "you cannot teach Old dogs new tricks".


Lump of Clay said...

Tom, I am at best a novice woodcarver. I have several books and things I have tried. I have never had a mentor or teacher. And I tried too big too soon and got discouraged a couple of years ago. Your simple santa and leprechaun was exactly what I needed. I have been whittling almost every day and in love with the simple.
As I read through older posts I am great encouraged and excited again. Keep teaching this "young dog" new tricks. - Mitch

Tom H said...

Thanks Mitch. It's always encouraging to hear that you might have contributed to someones motivation. In your case, whittling. You get right down to it, that is what this blog is all about. Thanks again.