Sunday, July 21, 2013

Absence From Blog Noted

My seemingly inattention to posting new topics on this blog does have a rational (some will say irrational) reason.  I have a new and different thing going that takes up lots of my time.  My whittling and carving time is being shared with my other hobby - quilting.  I've always quilted, but recently I returned from California with a longarm quilting machine that my daughter has and was not using.  This quilting system takes up a large amount of space.  To accommodate this system I decided that I would begin to transfer my wood shop into a quilting studio.  I did keep table saw, drill press, scroll saw, and miter saw.  I also had to reassemble the longarm quilting machine, clean, lubricate, and adjust it to begin to see if it still was fully operational.  This I am doing.

This effort has/is taking longer than I thought it would, but is very worthwhile and fun.   It won't be long for me to get to an equal effort, split between carving and quilting....

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