Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Paybacks!

Holy cow! Have I been off line for that long...Sorry, but wow things have stacked up.

These little natural Santa pins are for the waitresses at the diner, down the road, where I have  breakfast every day.  I am there when they open at 6 AM and start whittling with my coffee.  They don't say anything, as long as I clean up, and see that they are well stocked with small pins to hand out to their favorite customers.  These pins are for the waitresses, not to be handed out.  Yesterday I took in a whole sack of small pins and tree ornaments for them to hand out.  They tell this small gesture gains them considerable tips....It's my payback for them tolerating me everyday.

These small Santa pins are so simple.  Just whittle, dip into finish, then add the pin backs.  And you would not believe how your whittling techniques improve when you do several everyday....

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