Sunday, December 15, 2013

Shows, Sales, and Commissions! PART 1

First a disclaimer.  I am no expert.  Others have more experience than I do.  But I do have some observations based on actual recent experience.

I've noticed several posts here and there, expressing disappointed sales; or more specifically, a lack of.  I used to experience the same thing.  I'd carve holiday items and participate in holiday shows and sales.  I'd design and make Noah's Arks for show and sales.  And I'd sometimes be disappointed with the sales.  But, I got to thinking.  I asked myself some questions.

Why do I whittle and carve?
Why do I design and make Noah's Arks?

The simple answer to both of the questions is, "because I enjoy it".  Everyone needs to do something - especially when retired.  I am not one to sit in a recliner and watch television all day (although I know some who do).  I like to whittle and carve and make Noah's Arks with the pairs of animals.  When one likes to do something, one tends to do it a lot.  When one whittles and carves a lot one ends up with lots of whittled and carved  pieces, don't forget the Noah's Arks.  If you are following this scenario, you'll understand when I say that sooner or later someone will notice all the whittled/carved pieces and the Noah's Arks and ask if you sell them.  And there is the answer to another question; "what are you going to do with all of these pieces"?

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