Saturday, January 25, 2014

Beer Drinkin Leprechaun!

I've whittled several different small pins of Gnomes, Santa's, and Leprechauns holding a mug of brew. 


 All three of these small pieces would have pin backs.  I have decided that enough of this just holding a full mug of the brew.  It's time for a drink.

Once again, 3/8 inch Basswood.  First sketch, then trace onto the Basswood, cut blank on scroll saw, and then whittle.  There are two NOTES to pay attention to.  First, the extra wood at the bottom of the blank.  I like to have this to provide a wee bit more wood to hold onto when whittling.  It kinda keeps the hand and fingers a bit further away from the knife blade.  And second, do not make a saw cut at the top of the mug, down through the top of the hand,on to the top of the forearm.  Leave this solid, or risk breaking the hand and mug off, when whittling the rest of the Leprechaun.
As always I am searching for easy and fast pieces that can be done by both the experienced whittler and one who is just starting out.  These small "seasonal/ holiday" whittled pins are both fun to do and very appreciated as little gifts.  And who knows!  on St. Patrick's day; may even get ya a freebie......

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