Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Whittling in Florida!

I am in Florida, with very little to do except whittle and carve; and that's they way I like it.  In my haste to pack up I naturally forgot several items.  The items that I forgot were my custom eye punches.  These eye punches were made a retired tool and die maker, and were very small.  The punches are not round, but shaped more like an human eye.  I used these punches to press into the eye area of my small carvings, to be sure that each eye was the same shape and in the proper location.  When I paint the eyes the impression left by the punch, serves as the boundary for the paint.  At first, I was really upset at forgetting to bring my punches.  But I soon realizesd that the eye punches had become a crutch.  They became a substitute for me, instead of carving the eyes.  So here I am for two months with lots of Basswood and my knives and other tools.  What better chance to begin to break bud habits.  Maybe by the end of the two months I'll feel more confident carving eyes with my knife.

I'll let you know!

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