Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Uncle Sam - whittling Part 2

Earlier we made stop cuts defining each of the pieces elements.

Slice up to the stop cuts at the bottom of the coat, at the bottom of the vest,  and at the pants cuffs.
Slice down to the pocket at the arms.

Slice down to the top of the hat brim to round off the top of the hat.  Round off the hat brim.

Thin the hat brim if you wish.

Set the eyes and the nose, and the beard.

These steps will have "roughed in" Uncle Sam.

Next you can concentrate on making the arms, chest, and belly more rounded.

You may wish to whittle the beard into a goatee or a more trimmed beard.
You may also finish off the coat tails.

Prior to painting, I prefer to lightly wood burn between the various colors to eliminate color "bleeding" when painting.
These little Uncle Sams do not take too much time to do.  They a great little project for give-aways, especially near or on Independence Day.

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