Friday, February 21, 2014

Meet Cherry, My pocket knife!

While at the beach, I reaquinted myself with "Cherry", my original OAR CARVER pocket knife (name for the color).  Dang, when I picked her up it was like holdin hands with an ol' girlfriend -  opps, my wife.  O'l Cherry lead me from merely cuttin and scrapeing at the wood, to really "slicing and dicein" some real smooth cuts.  But O'l Cherry wasn't always so sharp and smooth. When I first got her, she was a trade for a small Noah's Ark.  A friend who was a genuine real sculptress, portrate artist, and a master wood carver wanted a Noah's Ark for her grand children.  I tried to give her the Ark, but she insisted on paying.  Thus I traded for a new OAR CARVER pocket knife.  I guess one could say that this is where the love affair started.  O'l Cherry and I did get off to a rocky start.  I found out what a "factory edge" was.  When Cherry first arrived, she would have served as a great butter spreader.  I immediately boxed her up and sent her back to the vendor, for what was advertized as a "professional sharpening".  She came back and I couldn't wait to whittle.  Well, I suppose since Cherry was "professionally" sharpened; she was sharp.  But we still did not "hit it off".  Luckily this was real close to the Gathering of Wood Carvers (GOW) which I was scheduled to participate in.  At the GOW I introduced Cherry to Knife maker John Dunkle.  I told John to "make this knife carve".  John did his magic (flattened and resharpened the blade), O'l Cherry did her thing, and the love affair began.

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hwallen48 said...

So who popped who's cherry?