Thursday, March 20, 2014

Whittlin in Florida 2014

Florida Panhandle in the late winter!  An escape from the winter cold, ice, and snow is one thing, but once here the fun begins.  When I was younger, the mention of Florida meant only one thing - warm, sun, surf, and swimming in the ocean or the gulf.  However, now as I am old, it's not the same. It's laid back.  It's, what the heck will I do today?  Now, that's easy for me to answer.  It's whittlin time.  It's whittlin time, without guilt.  It's a rental, on the beach - gulf side.  You see, it's not mine.  The fixin up and maintenance is not my responsibility.  If I was home, the list is forever.  Stealin time to whittle means guilt over not spendin that time in cleanin the gutters, raking the property, cleanin the shop, painting the living room, etc, etc.

Yep! it's great!

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