Thursday, May 1, 2014

Finger Protection!

I hate the carving glove.  I know it's an important safety device, and one that will save lots of cuts, blood, and stitches.  But I still hate it.  However, as much as I hate the carving glove, I know I need something to protect against cuts and pokes.  A historical survey of whittling knife cuts and pokes that have been committed on my person reveals that I have never cut my hand.  It's always been my thumb and forefinger, on the hand that holds the piece of wood.  Years ago I was introduced to a product that was referred to as "WIMP-WRAP".  I would purchase this wonderful product at woodcarving shows for several dollars for a one inch wide roll.  This stuff when wrapped around your thumb and forefinger several times clings to itself and offers some protection against knife pokes and cuts.  I recently found out that this stuff is made by 3M and is named VETRAP, is used to wrap and hold bandages on animals (horses).
 I just bought a roll that is four inches wide, for under $4, at the local Farm and Tractor store.  I used a sharp knife and  cut the four inch roll into into smaller rolls for a lot less money.
A caution, concerning the color of VETRAP that you purchase.  My previous roll was red.  Stay away from red if you whittle and/or carve in public, especially if children are present.  Their first thought is that the wrap is a bandage and blood is soaking through.


Tom H said...

Have learned of another bandage product titled COBAN, that may be a bit more resistant to cuts than the Vetrap. Can be purchased at the drug store. Info comes from "SlowMover", a regular on the Woodcarving Illustrated Forum.

Tom H said...

To feel more secure when using this specific product, I give by finger several wraps with the product then several wraps of masking tape, followed by the vetrap again. A test with a knife showed that it held well,

wds said...

Good advice Tom; I've been using VetWrap since I began carving. I found it to be much easier to obtain where I live and as a bonus it was much cheaper. A 3" wide roll cost me $5.00. I wear a Kevlar glove on my holding hand , but use the vetwrap to protect the thumb on my knife hand. Just recently I used the end of one of the fingers from an old kevelar glove and then wrapped it with the vetwrap. It makes a very effective thumb guard.

Anonymous said...

You can also buy this at Walmart in the bandaid section. They usually have several colors. Here's a link to one version: