Saturday, July 26, 2014

Your Knife!

I've noticed that there is something happening to many quality American built products all too often lately.  The US company goes out of business, sells to someone else, and/or moves the production of the product off shore.  When this happens, all too often the quality of the product is lost.  This is happening to quality built wood carving knives, especially pocket knives.  You go to replace a knife with a new one, the same named knife, and once you receive the knife you find that it's no longer the same quality.  It's either made by someone else or made in China.  This especially tees me off, since I develop a special relationship with my knife.  I have lots of knives, good knives, but I have only one favorite; and I use it constantly.  I panic when I think I've left it somewhere.  I actually have two of the knives, just in case.  The thought of loosing your favorite pocket knife, is one thing, but they may wear out and and leave you in the same position of needing a replacement. 

If you feel the same way about your favorite knife, you best think about getting a replacement now!  Especially if you know that the knife is still made by the same person or company with the same materials and attention to quality.  Something this personal should not be left until you have to replace the knife.  There may not be a replacement available.

I mentioned that I have two of my favorites.  These pocket knives are made by QUEEN CUTLERY, Titusville PA, and are Ross Oar commissioned knives titled OAR CARVERS.  The top knife is a two blade non lock back model.  The second knife is a single blade lock back model.  Both knives have blades of D2 Tool Steel.  These OAR CARVERS are not ready to go out of the box.  I personally have John Dunkle rework the blades flatter and sharper before using them. They are both getting some wear on them.  Since I learned on one of them it's had the blade tip broken off a few times, which necessitated shortening and reshaping the blade.  I do have the two and they are still my "go to" knives.  But with the way that the quality American made knives are going I am adopting a new concept and practice.  It's called, A PAIR AND A SPARE.

This is the new spare!  It's put away now to be ready when required.  And hopefully I'll sleep better.

My next post will explain how I came to be the new owner of this fine pocket knife.

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