Monday, July 28, 2014


This is a follow up to the post YOUR KNIFE.  It's how I acquired the new OAR CARVER.

For the past several days I participated in the BUCKEYE WOODCARVERS ROUND UP, in Fletcher, Ohio.  I attended with my good friend and fellow carver, Bill Bauer.  In fact Bill was the first actual woodcarver who offered me assistance when I first started.  He told me of a local group of carvers that met at the local Senior Center.  We've carved together ever since.

The first day at the roundup found me looking at the BELCHER WOODCARVING SUPPLY tables, where I found several models of the OAR CARVER.  Th least expensive one was the single blade lock back. The most expensive one was a two bladed, non lock back model with Curly Zebra wood sides.  You know the one that I coveted.  I looked and looked, fondled and fondled, rationalized and re-rationalized.  Dick Belcher was a great salesman, he didn't push other than tell me that this was the only knife like this that he had.  He didn't need to tell me that someone might purchase it before I did.  But I still wanted to discuss the purchase with my wife that night, even knowing that she would say, "you should have bought it right then and there".  She reminded me that my birthday was in a few weeks.  The next day we returned to the roundup.  Upon arriving, I sat around for a while talking with other carvers, before going over to the BELCHER WOODCARVING SUPPLY DISPLAY to make my purchase.

Scanning the knives on the display table soon revealed that the knife was not there.  Dick Belcher looked everywhere for it, then asked his wife Barb if she had seen it.  Barb said, "Yeah! I sold it this morning, just a few minutes ago".  Dang, I knew I should have bought it earlier.  Oh well, I'll have Dick Belcher just try to order me one.  Barb wrote the order up and Dick said he'd cover the shipping.

Next I walked back to where I was carving with some of the other folks, and told them what had happened.  Everyone started laughing and Bill Bauer handed me the knife and said "Happy Birthday".  Course I was completely lost as to what had just happened.  Later I came to find out most everyone was either in on it or knew of it. 

I've always believed that woodcarvers were special people, but my carving friend Bill Bauer is truly on a different level.  I think he's started something!

Everybody should have a friend like Bill.
Thank You, Bill!

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