Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Surprise Caricature

I may be venturing into an area that is pure observation and personal experience.  This being how to whittle the caricature. 

I think that it is the common practice of  newer whittlers and carvers to go for the realistic when whittling or carving the human face.  I think this is a natural thing.  But, every now and then the finished piece may not be totally realistic.  And some times this finished piece may be really a special one.  It may have a look that is just a wee bit off of realistic.  It may be a caricature.  The nose might be a bit too large.  The eyes a bit large (or small).  Any or all of the features may be a bit exaggerated.  What you've whittled/carved is a caricature.  In many instances this is not what you set out to whittle/carve.  But! the piece is worth studying, to see precisely what the differences are; between the totally realistic and the caricature.  Maybe by studying the piece you can plan on whittling/carving the differences; rather than having a surprise piece.

This morning while having my coffee at the diner and whittling a Santa ornament I was talking with some of the fellas.  This is my usual morning; eat and whittle at the local diner.  We were discussing several items, mostly the Ohio State football possibilities for this season.  I was probably paying more attention to the conversations than the whittling.  What started out to be a more or less realistic Santa ended up as this:

This is a caricature of the Santa.  Notice the exaggerations.

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