Thursday, August 28, 2014

Whittling Horse Earrings

Whittling the horse earrings are not that much more difficult than whittling the little fox earrings. 

1.  Trace and scroll saw the blank from 1/4 inch thick Basswood,.  Be sure to orient the pattern so that the wood grain runs from the top of the horse to it's hooves.  Some less experienced whittlers may want toome wood attached to the horse to serve as a handle.

2.  Make a stop cut between the horses head and its neck.

3.  Remove thin slices of wood from the horses neck up to this stop cut, to make the neck narrower than the head and body.
4.  Make a stop cut separating the tail from the body.

5.  Thin the tail so it is narrower than the body.

6.  Round over the sharp edges of the neck and back.

7.  Round off and shape the rear legs.
8.  Round off and shape the belly area, between the rear and front legs.

9.  Round the edges and shape the front legs.
10.  Round over and shape the tail.  Bring the end of the tail to a point.
11.  Narrow the head.
12.  Shape the face and the head,
13.  Separate the ears.
14.  There are several ways to finish these horse earrings.  You can sand them smooth, or leave them kind of in the flat plane style.  You can stain them or paint them.  Either way, you need to attach the earring fittings.
Experience has shown me that these horse earrings make great gifts to the young lady horse lover.


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Toby Hazel said...

These are wonderful - a lovely little design used to great effect. I think the stain works very well.