Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Whittling the Small Gnome - Part 3

Lots of steps here!  I decided that I would rather include lots a small steps, rather than combine a whole bunch under one step.  It seems that I'd be easier to follow along.

Another thing, there is no set order in these steps.  It is more efficient some times to stick to one part of the piece before moving on to another.  It is, however better to do one side then move to the other side and make the same cuts there.

24.  Make a shallow stop cut where the Gnomes hand goes into the tunic (pocket).

25.  Taper the arm so it goes into the pocket stop cut.
26.  Define the Gnomes upper arm with a stop cut.
27.  Remove wood up to the stop cuts that define the upper arms.
28.  Make a stop cut that defines the sides of the Gnomes beard, and remove a thin slice of the wood up to theses stop cuts.
29.  Makes a two sided stab/plunge cut with the knife tip at the shoulder area between the ear bottom,beard and the front of the shoulder; and remove the chip.
We'll finish up in the next posting.

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