Sunday, August 3, 2014

Whittling the Small Gnome - Continued - Part 2

12.  Cut the corners off of the Gnomes hat bottom.


13.  Make a stop cut across the hats bottom (front, back)

14.  Make a thumb assisted push cut up to the stop cut at bottom of hat, fron and back.

15.  Make stop cuts at bottom of the Gnomes tunic/top of legs.

16.  Make thumb assisted push cuts up to the stop cut at tunic bottom, to thin the Gnomes legs.

17.  Cut the corners off the bottom of the Gnomes tunic.

18.  Make short stop cuts at the front of the ears.
19.  Remove a slice of wood up to these stop cuts, to begin to narrow the face.

20.  Make stop cuts that define the sides of the Gnomes nose.
21.  Make stop cuts that define the top of the eye area.
22.  Remove the chips the are defines by the two previous stop cuts.  Both sides!
23.  Shape the beard bottom.
To be continued!  Next post!

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