Friday, June 12, 2015

Easy Owl Pin or Pendant!

I've been told that owls are a very popular item these days.  This little owl is mainly intended for the beginner, but is great fun for any carver.  This little owl measures about   2 inches X 2 inches.  It starts out as a piece of 1/4th inch Basswood.  The only materials you need is the 1/4th inch thick piece of Basswood, two small 3/4 inch wood wheels, two dark beads, screw eye or pin back, black paint and some final finish.  Of course you'll need a carving knife.  Sand paper is optional.  

STEP 1:  Draw the outline of the owl and scroll saw the blank.

STEP 2:  Round over the top of the owls head.  Start with stop cuts at the top of the owls "eye brows".  Make cuts to and from these stop cuts.

STEP 3:  Shape the owls "eye brows"

STEP 4:  Shape the owls beak by removing two chips on each side of the beak.

STEP 5:  Shape the owls wings and the pieces base/bottom.  Start by making stop cuts outlining the wings, then round the wings over to the edge and the stop cuts.

STEP 6:  Shape the owls claws.

STEP 7:  Shape feathers on the owls belly with a small U gouge pressed into the wood.

STEP 8:  Paint the owls beak black.

STEP 9:  Glue the toy car wood wheels into place as the owls eyes.    At this point you can apply the final finish.  I dipped the piece into wood conditioner followed by natural stain.

Step 10:  Glue two dark beads into the wheel axle holes for the owls eyes. Add a small screw eye for the pendant, and apply final finish (wax or poly).

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Patricia Lopez said...

Cute little owl project!