Thursday, June 11, 2015

Those Dang Eyes!

Every beginning carver (especially whittlers) struggle with eyes, especially smaller eyes.  Seldom can a beginner go directly to carving a realistic eye.  However, there are other ways to "do" a small eye than a "dot".  Although, a "dot" can be quite effective....

A next step on the scale of more complicated eyes might be a "Dot" with "punched" circle around it.

Of course, there are smaller eye punches too.  As to the scale of the eye sizes; the following Santa's are 1" to 1 1/4" in size.

Some times a "squinty" arch will work too.  This can be achieved with either a knife or a gouge.

One method I like is the modified "chip-carved" eye, that is achieved with a small bladed very sharp knife,  Plunge the knife tip into the wood for two (2) cuts (like an inverted "V") and remove the "chip" that is formed.  The "open" part of the "V" is at the bottom.  Experiment on a scrap of wood by making one "leg" of the "V" longer than the other; until you get the look you want.

For a quick and truly easy and effective eye, the modified chip carved eye is a good one.

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