Friday, June 5, 2015

Home Made Thumb Guard

Knife guards can be quite useful in the prevention of knife nicks to the thumb, when making paring cuts.  I usually make sure that my thumb is placed over the edge of the wood so that it will not serve as a stop cut.  However, the thumb guard will offer some protection should the knife blade move past the edge of the wood.

After seeing several examples of this thumb guard posted, I decided to simplify the making of one.  The examples of this thumb guard that I have seen all have stitching in the leather, to hold it together.  I used "Super Glue".

Paring cut towards thumb with a thumb guard in place.

Leather Thumb Guard

Leather Thumb Guard cutout.

Cutout folded and Supper Glued, held together with paper clips.  This seems to hold up very well.


MichelleOH said...

Tom, how thick is the leather you are using? I wonder if an old purse would work...

Tom H said...

Michelle, Not as thick as belt leather, but not as thin as a lot of it. The leather has to be able to be folded. If the purse leather is too thin glue two pieces together. Stop be my "booth" at Dayton this year and I'll give you some lether for some guards.

Jeannie Metcalf said...

Thanks Tom!