Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Beginners First Projects

I occasionally instruct a beginners class in wood caring.  Actually the class lends itself more to whittling since we use only the knife.  I recently posted a question of the Face Book site Woodcarving 101 The Joy Of Woodcarving; asking for suggestions for the first carving project to teach and learn.  The response was great.  Here's what experienced woodcarvers suggested:

5 Minute Owl
Sea Captain
Ball In A Cage
5 Minute Wizard
Shelf Mouse
Ron Ransoms "Gabriel"
Small Pumpkin Pin
Small Christmas Tree pin
A Ball Out Of A Cube
Snowman Pin
Stylized Penguin
Celtic Knot
Small Hedge Hog
Small Cowboy Boot
Small sitting Dog

These are all great ideas.  Some are more difficult than others, but all would be doable depending on the class members and size of the class.   A more mature adult might have a better learning experience with some of the more difficult examples,  When I do teach, I like to be sure that all members of the class have a finished first project that they can take with them.

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