Thursday, August 13, 2015

Seasonal Show/Sale Stuff!

I know that some folks that check this blog out participate in seasonal craft shows.  These folks may add some other high end crafts to their wood carvings for display and sale.  I participate in one such show/sale prior to Christmas.  This is a large show/sale with lots of quality vendors and lots of customers, ready to spend.  In the past there have been only a few wood carvers.  I have found that to be successful at this show, one must have pieces for sale that appeal to all levels;children and adults.  The challenge is to come up with pieces that meet these requirements.

Here is a sample of this years pieces that I a working on.  One should be able to see that all of these pieces involve wood either carved or burned.  All of these pieces are easily done by beginners to intermediate carvers.

These pieces are all tree ornaments accept the owl in the bottom row, and Santa in the top right corner, of the photo.  The Santa is a pin and the owl a pendent.  These and similar pieces will be priced from one dollar to fifteen dollars.  Needless to say, I'll have "buckets" of them.  Well small buckets.

TIP- Whittle the small animals in the round and cut them into two sides to make two ornaments.
TIP-  The roundish disks are basswood branches sliced, then dipped into wood conditioner and shellac, to seal and keep the bark tight

These are either pins or pendents.

This is a pendent and very popular, regardless of the season.

Fish pins are very popular as gifts for the fisherman in the family.

These little gnomes with presents are popular too.

 Small Gnomes are always winners.
 I am always amazed at how many folks collect Santa's.
 I never can have too many Gnomes!
 This Santa pin is popular.
Believe it or not! Santa earrings sell and sell fast.  The trick is to determine whether to paint or leave natural.

One thing to remember about shows and sales.  Try to have pieces that will appeal to all.  Keep the prices low if you can.  I would much rather have someone say, after a purchase, your prices are too low; rather than have them walk by.  I always have some "givers" or free ones that I give to kids.

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