Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Pocket Projects" - Santa Pin

Here's another in a series of "Pocket Projects".  This one is the Santa Pin.  These are simple and fast small whittling projects, so called because a hand full of the blanks can be carried in your pocket, next to your pocket knife.

Cut the blank out of 1/4 inch Basswood.

  I some times leave a handle on the blank to hold onto when whittling.  Cut the handle off after whittling.

There is one slight short cut to completing this Santa.  The nose is an add-on.  After the whittling is completed, drill a small hole where you want the nose.  Countersink the hole a wee bit so that a small round wood bead will fit.  Glue the round wood bead into the hole, glue the pin back on, and paint.

Can't get much easier than this.....


Joshua Miller said...

Thank you for all of your tips, hints and ideas. I wish I had more time to carve, but I thank you for every post on this blog.
Josh from Wisconsin

Tom H said...

Thanks Josh. I can understand about finding time for wood carving. Maybe that's why so many wood carvers are old and retired.. Or maybe I should just say retired. Thanks for reading the blog.
Tom H

Birds Of A Feather Flutes said...

You are the best. Thanks for this article. Hope you are well. I am enjoying your small knome. I also took a canoe case that I have and coverted it to an oar type carver. I will have to send you some pics some time. Really nice. Yes, it is flat ground. Thanks again.