Thursday, January 28, 2016

Whittling On The Beach

Spending a few months on the beach in the Florida Panhandle has opened my whittling to some new challenges.  I am spending more and more time walking the beach as part my physical therapy for a back injury.  There's lots of stuff on a beach.  There's some old wet pieces of wood that has washed up and there are literally tons of shells.  My challenge is to incorporate some shells into my whittlings.

I can glue some shells onto a piece of drift wood along with a whittled Gnome.  But I want more than that.  A Goggle search turned up nothing of value.  So, I'm left to my own ideas and imagination.  My first idea after observing and then picking up some shells was to fasten some shells to a whittled Gnome like wings.  Why not! An angle Gnome.

I have some Gnomes whittled that might serve the purpose.  You know, Gnomes that appear to be doing something rather than just standing there.

These Gnomes in progress are kinda leaned over looking down at something.  Hopefully one can see the wings and get an idea of what I am attempting.  I'll continue to pick up some shells, and may eben find some with a better wing shape and more color.


hwallen48 said...

Oh I thought it was a toilet seat, LOL

Tom H said...

Hal, two more shells and it could be. Nice one, you nailed it. LOL

DougTxMan said...

Toilet seat funny stuff. I am thinking whittle a handle and attach to a shell to give the gnome a shovel. Garden gnome. The shell I think is a scallop.

wds said...

Tom, I think you've started a new fad. Getting lots of ideas from your blog followers. I will have to try something along this line in the spring. Oh , we've got plenty of white Sandy beaches that are full of shells, but..........right now they are under about a foot of snow.
Enjoy your winter;