Thursday, February 4, 2016

Whittling Activity at the Beach

Things are beginning to pick up here on the Gulf.  Red Tide is gone, and folks are again serious about fishing.  I sent some  whittled Tarpon pins down for Christmas for a couple of fishing guides.

As soon as I got here this year, some other fellas wanted a Tarpon pin too.  In fact the requests have moved on to include some other fish too.  Here's a tuna that may remind several fellas of their catches out in the gulf.

These little whittled fish pins are fun and really easy and fast to do.  And of course they make great gifts.

The next few posts will detail the process I go thought to end up with these simple, stylized fish pins.


DougTxMan said...

Tom you must do a micro shave to get the fins so fine. I finished carving two of your Chrismas tree pins. I will paint this weekend. Cut them out with a band saw and spent most my time trimming the edges down. Guess that I am in the market for a scroll saw now. Well that and paint lol. When I cut them out, I put them end to end for a handle then used the band saw to spit them at the trunk.

Birds Of A Feather Flutes said...

looking forward to this. may try a fish pin.