Friday, August 5, 2016

Travelin and Emergency Accessories

No recent posts cause I've been travelin.  Drove to California and back in the last two weeks,  This road trip brought  to mind the special needs of whittlers and carvers, when on the road.  We need to be sure to take the necessary stuff so that we can whittle anywhere we wish.  As a whittler, I always have my pocket knife with me, in my pocket.  But on a two week road trip you best make additional plans to be sure you have the correct whittlin stuff.  You'll need a strop and some blanks.

Here's a simple "tool roll" to stick into your suitcase, carry-on, purse, briefcase, or car/truck glove box.  From now on I will put my backup knife, small strop, pencil, thumb guard, and a blank or two in the tool roll and leave it  in my van glove box.

Maybe I should add a few band aids!

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