Monday, August 8, 2016

Apples For Teachers

Soon the Christmas craft and wood carvings shows will be here.  Lots of wood carvers like to exhibit and sell carved items at these events.  We always try to have something special.  I like to to whittle and have items that kids will want and can afford.  One such item is a whittled refrigerator magnet.  I found out early on that kids still like to give their teacher a gift.  Thus the idea of an APPLE.

Actually my daughter who is a teacher suggested the carved apple as a refrigerator magnet.  She said this item would be something that any teacher would use...

This project is so simple and easy that it is almost self explanatory.  One just needs:

Thin Basswood (I use 3/8" thick)
Scroll saw or fret saw
Thumb guard
Drill (to recess the magnet)
Super glue (I use the thicker super glue)
Magnet I use the extra strong (Rare earth - approx 2# pull, 1/4" in diameter)
Paint and brush

You can whittle lots of these with little expense in time or materials.  But a warning!  When done hide some, because everyone who sees them will want one.

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