Sunday, August 21, 2016

Zombie Santa!

I can't believe I've actually done this.  I did however have a request for a "Zombie Santa".  Maybe not a real request, but a challenge.  Maybe something like; " can't whittle a Zombie Santa, can you"?  Well, the rest of the story, was "why not".  I think I remember saying,: "what, you got to be kidding me"!  Whittle one I did!

To justify my odd behavior, I even came up with a story, in case a true believer sees the Zombie Santa.  The story goes like this:  Some believe that there are two Santa's.  One Santa is the one we all know and love.  However, there is a second Santa.  The first Santa responds well to good little boys and girls.  But the other Santa is a Zombie and does not respond well to boys and girls who were not so good.....

This Santa will have a eye screw at the top so it can be hung and buried somewhere on the tree.
I guess there's an "up side" to whittling the Zombie Santa.  No eyes and nose to worry about.

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wds said...

Well now! ,that's a bit different lol. I've carved a few "Redneck Santas" but never a zombie . Tom you just might open up a whole new market with them fellars 😁