Sunday, April 30, 2017

Carved Pieces and Scenes

When ever I am traveling and whittling I like to place a whittled piece into a scene that reflects on where I was when I whittled the piece. 

Recently I returned from 2 months in Florida.  Since I am always carving/whittling Gnomes I thought I'd make a scene in which to place the Gnome.  We stay at a house on the beach, and I spend some time walking the beach.  Some times I pick up a few shells.

I like to pick up the shells and some drift wood that has washed up and combine them with a Gnome for myself and as gifts to folks.

Use a clear adhesive (6000), then spray the scene with polyurethane.

I sign, give the location, and date the bottom of the driftwood.

Give this a try!


Brian Boatright said...

Is that a new know? It doesn't look like your usual Oar Carver. Where in Florida? We live just south of Jacksonville. I could give you a lot of nice places to see on your next stay (though it would steal time from carving LOL)

Tom H said...

Brian, the pocket knife is still an OAR CARVER. It's an early single blade lockback.

We have been going to the Panhandle, Cape San Blas and Indian Pass area. We love the beach and the lack of crowds. Thanks for posting your comment.