Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Several folks (from this blog and elsewhere) have inquired whether I am going to make a new Noah's Ark and add Flat plane whittled animals.  You readers who have been around for some time may remember that it was the Noah's Arks that were my first carving love.  It has been several years since I've made a new Ark and carved the pairs of animals.  Advancing age and the question of what to do with the completed arks were my excuses not to make any more arks and animals.   But maybe it's time to make an Ark and carve the pairs of animals, especially since I will whittle the animals in the ultra flat plane style.

I will kind of document the steps that I go through to make the Ark and whittle the animals.

First, some ground rules that I try to follow:

1.  I try not to purchase any materials for the making of the Ark and whittling the animals.
2.  I rely on the burn pile of scrapes from my cabinet maker and finish carpenter friends for the wood used in the Ark.
3.  Since the animals are small. I rely on Basswood scrapes.

If interested in the steps that I go through, continue checking the blog for progress.


hwallen48 said...

Looking forward to it!!
Same animal patterns as before?


Tom H said...

You can use pretty much any pattern,. You just have to determine the flat planes.