Friday, April 6, 2018


Kids, and especially little kids love kittens.  I think baby kittens are liked by all.

Here's a real simple project for newer whittlers.  One that will bring a smile to little kids.  This little kitty is small, therefore fast to whittle.  And what little does not like small things.  All you need to whittle this little kitty is a sharp knife and a blank,

I use 1/2" to 3/4" thick Basswood for this kitty.  Most of the Basswood for this small piece comes from scraps from other wood carvers.  Print the pattern, transfer the pattern to a piece of Basswood.

TIP:  Add a small "handle" to the kitten, that can be removed after the piece is whittled.  This handle give you a bit more to hold onto when whittling.  It will also keep the knife blade a bit further away from fingers.

After the pattern is transferred to the Basswood cut the blank out.

The following is the whittling process (condensed).

1ST,,,,,Stop cut at the neck to separate head from body.   Narrow the head/face down to the Stop cut.
            Stop cut separated tail from body.Narrow the tail down to the stop cut. Both sides of blank.

2ND..... Make stop cuts separating back leg from body.  Remove wedge of wood at front edge of
              back leg.  Do same at rear of front leg.  Use knife to round over the edges (body and head).

3RD....Front view.

4TH...Rear view.

If you like, notch/separate the legs.  Notice, that this kitty has no finish.  This because when I am out and about with a pocket full of the blanks, and whittle these kitties, kids want them right then.  I will take a ball point pen and apply dots for the eyes and nose then add a few lines for the mouth.  I don't whittle the blanks with the handles for these occasions.



Brian Boatright said...

I can vouch for needing the handle, now that I'm carving 30 game pieces about 1/2" x 3/4"...

Tom H said...

The handles can be most helpful. Thanks Brian.

Carving Piper said...

Very cool!!