Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some Simple Aids To Carving

At our last meeting, the Columbus Chippers shared some tips and carving aids with each other.
The following are some of these tips and aids.
This first item is an aid to help when painting a carving. It's no more than a dowel with a screw point in one end and a cup hook in the other. Merely screw the handle into the bottom of the carving. This lets you hold onto the carving when painting. You turn the carving any way you need to without smugging the fresh paint with your fingers. When finished painting just hang the carving up to dry by using the cup hook.
Another different type of aid to finishing a carving is a piece of peg board with some drywall screws placed up from the bottom of the pegboard. This aid is especially good when you finish the bottom of a carving along with the top of the carving; or when spraying the carving. After the finish is applied, merely place the carving on the tips of the drywall screws, for drying.

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