Saturday, December 4, 2010

Getting and Keeping Ideas

There are some days where I just cannot come up with a new idea for a carving. But there are other times that an idea will just "pop" into my mind. I've learned the hard way that I may not remember this idea long enough to carve it. Dang, some times I forget what I went to the grocery store to buy unless I write it down. I suggest getting one of those small little pocket note books/pads and make a habit of carrying it with you, along with a pencil with an eraser. In fact, I have this set up an the night stand, and in my carving kit too. As these ideas "pop" into your head, sketch them and/or describe them in you little note book/pad.


diy said...

Glad to read this Tom, I now know I'm not alone.

Hal in Seattle said...

I'm the same way , i have pieces of paper everywhere with ideas and sketchs of the one i remember. I'm sure there are some good ones i can't remember. So you aren't the only one this!!